5 reasons to support a local business

It’s hard to truly appreciate what a sale can mean to a small business. Choosing to shop with a small, local business and not a large organisation can truly change people’s lives. Opting to support a local company has many more benefits, some of which may surprise you. Here are 5 reasons you should choose an independent business over a large corporate organisation.


The great thing about independent businesses is that they are run by real people. No stuffy corporate strategies, real people with real personalities. People who add charm and character to your community, authentic and genuine people who appreciate your custom.

Supporting an entrepreneur

We’ve all had that app idea, that cool concept for a bar or the idea for the next Facebook. This person is no different. They have taken the plunge and are trying to make their dream a reality, so that should be encouraged right? By choosing the smaller, local option next time you make a purchase instead of the larger chain businesses, it allows more entrepreneurs to get their foot in the door, subsequently creating a healthier economy – and a very happy entrepreneur.

Help to create an identity for your Highstreet

For many of us places like Camden, Manchester and Glasgow are some of the best places to visit, all of which are full of local companies thriving, thanks to a healthy view of independent businesses.

By supporting local companies, you will actually help shape the identity of that area. A high street filled with vibrant and unique shops will attract more tourism and help to make the community a more popular and financially healthier area in which to live and work. Win win!

Customer service and shopping experience

We’re not saying for one second that larger chain stores don’t have good customer service, but can you really beat the personal touch of a local business owner who knows their products inside out? They are much more likely to be able to recommend a product that is suitable for your needs. You will also find that smaller business owners are a lot more reactive in restocking their supplies based on their customer demand, so you’re more likely to find what you want, rather than just the latest trend.

The local economy

It’s no secret that local businesses are the backbone of the UK economy. A strong and stable economy relies on people buying locally. Did you know that according the a recent research study, spending just £10 with a local business means an additional £50 circulating into the local economy? This is quite simply because the local business owners you spend with then go on to spend that money in local bars and restaurants. The circle of life!

There you have it! In this crazy post covid world, there’s never been a better time to back local businesses.

About the author

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